meet amanda.

Hi!  I'm a Goochland and Richmond, Virginia based lifestyle photographer.  


I am an easy going mother of three wild boys, wife to a vegetable farmer, a homeschooling mom, and a photographer. 


I'm always exploring new interests like painting dish towels, trying out recipes from The Great British Baking Show, mountain biking very slowly, painting furniture that needs a second life, creating watercolor gift tags, sipping sugary coffee with friends, and listening to The Moth podcast.  


Common feedback that I get immediately after my sessions is "That was so easy!" and I am thrilled when I hear that because that's what it should be.  I want to be able to document your story through my eyes, your story of love and connection, chaos and laughter...all of it.

Take the images today that you will want for tomorrow!

- Amanda

collect moments, not things.


- Janet

"Amanda not only took fabulous (and now treasured) photos of our family, she was delightful to work with both before and after the photography. Her pre planning was insightful and sensitive. Her post photo service was impeccable. Friends and family now gush over our photo album that she provided as part of our photo package. We are so grateful to have this time with our family captured in beautiful photographs!"

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Amanda Miles Photography  615 717 5203

Goochland, Virginia

Photographer for families, children, portraits, headshots and events

"The best things in life are the people we love...the places we've been...and the memories we've made along the way." -Anonymous