Headshot FAQ

What should I wear?

Love it - Pick something you feel comfortable and confident in.  If you like your outfit, it will definitely come across in the picture.  Keep it simple - Solid colors that complement your skin tone.  Stay away from wild and crazy colors.  Some colors to be careful with and perhaps even avoid include bright red, neon colors and patterns.  Also, don't pick a color that closely resembles your skin tone.  Deep, rich jewel tones tend to look great.  Clothing that fits well is key.   Make sure to bring several outfits, so we have some items to choose from.  Sometimes what looks great when you are out and about doesn't look great in front of a camera.  

Keep jewelry to a minimum.  Simple classic jewelry options are always the best. Sometimes none is even better.

Is the shoot outdoors or in the studio?

Either one works.  Indoors works well for flat backdrops and when the weather isn't ideal.  Outdoors gives you more natural backgrounds.  Let me know which you would prefer.

When is the best time to shoot?  

Anytime between 10 am and 2 pm is ideal when using natural light. 

What if I need to reschedule? 

I understand that things can happen, but please try to give me as much notice as possible.  We will work to find a time to reschedule.

Where are you located? 

We can meet at a discussed location in the Goochland or RVA area or in my studio  in Goochland, Virginia.  

Do you edit the images?

All my packages include minimal retouching such as blemish removal, reduce lines and erase stray hairs.  However, it is important to me that you look like your beautiful, natural self.

How does the process work?

Contact me with any questions.  Book your session at https://www.amandamilesphotography.com/investment and pay your $50 deposit to reserve the date and time​.  When you arrive on the day of your appointment, bring several outfits to choose from.  We will go over your options together.  During the photos, I will be coaching you with the best facial expressions and poses possible.  Some of my suggestions may sound silly, but trust what I'm seeing from my side of the lens.  I will try to show you sample images when possible.  I will send you an invoice after the session for the remaining balance.  Once paid in full, I will email you within 7 days with a link to the online gallery where you can view and download your edited photos.  The photos you will receive are high-resolution JPG for your full use.  

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