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5 Tips on What to Wear for Your Headshot Session?

Wondering what you should wear to your next headshot session? Here is my advice.

1. Love it - Pick something you feel comfortable and confident in. If you like your outfit, it will definitely come across in the picture.

2. Keep it simple - Solid colors that complement your skin tone.

3. Stay away from wild and crazy colors. Some colors to be careful with and perhaps even avoid include bright red, neon colors and patterns. Also, don't pick a color that closely resembles your skin tone. Deep, rich jewel tones tend to look great.

4. Clothing that fits well is key. Make sure to bring several outfits, so we have some items to choose from. Sometimes what looks great when you are out and about doesn't look great in front of a camera.

5. Style your hair in a way that you normally would. The day of your shoot isn't an ideal day to try out something brand new.

Remember that the goal of your headshot is to look like yourself, so show that natural smile and have fun!

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