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So Many Reasons to Love The Fixins Furniture

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

A new business, The Fixins Furniture just set up shop at Through the Garden Gate Antiques ( in Mechanicsville, VA and there are so many reasons to love it. I had a chance to photograph these two industrious, compassionate and creative woman who have spearheaded this new business that upcycles donated items and creates beautiful furniture and home décor with a rustic farmhouse or shabby sheek style. And the proceeds ....all goes to their passion, The Fix Ministry. This ministry is a residential rehabilitation facility located in King William, VA whose mission is to assist individuals that have been affected by addiction. They concentrate on healing the whole individual through educational, vocational, managerial, family and spiritual training. These women who have been best friends since childhood understand that not everyone can afford the rehabilitation that people struggling with addiction may need and they want to help make sure anyone that wants help, can get it. Fortunately, they aren't doing it alone. Volunteers are donating items and helping with the hard work of repurposing the items along side them. It's a group effort for a wonderful cause. Check out what they currently have for sale and follow them at (

Tabetha and Jody


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