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6 Tips for Your Lifestyle Newborn Session

Lifestyle Newborn Sessions work so well with my style of photography. I want my clients to be as relaxed and comfortable as they can be while I document their story. When a new baby arrives there is so much wonder, beauty and intimacy for the family that I want to reveal in the comfort of your own home where your story takes place. To set you up for success, I put together some tips that will help moms and dads prepare for their session. Let's make it as easy as possible for you!

  1. We will spend the majority of the time in a few rooms with good window light, most likely a bedroom, living room or nursery. Opening up blinds and drawing back curtains allows for the most natural light to come into the home and make for ideal light. Everything doesn't have to be super clean. We can remove any extra items that may be in the way, but it doesn't have to be perfect.

  2. Feed your baby (and yourselves) just before I arrive. When your baby has a full tummy he or she will stay happy a bit longer and possibly be a little "milk drunk". The beauty of this style of photography is that even if your baby is awake for the session, it's okay. We are capturing life as it currently is, wake or sleepy baby is all okay.

  3. Babies look so cute all swaddled up in a bundle. If you have any "organic cotton" swaddling blankets in solid colors or white, they are ideal. A simple onesie is also so great!

  4. Be comfortable in what you wear. Light, neutral colors are great. You don't need to match the family, just colors that complement each other is best. Strong and bold colors will bounce onto the babies skin when you are holding them close.

  5. Keep the rooms warm where we will be photographing. 80 F is an ideal temperature.

  6. Relax and enjoy this time during this session when you get to just soak in that baby smell and enjoy their tiny toes.

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