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best headshot photographer richmond va

session details

Do you need a headshot and aren't quite sure where to start? You've come to the right place. I'll help you through the whole process. Booking your next headshot session is fast and easy.

what every session includes

  • Digital files (selected by you from the proofs) including personal printing rights.

  • An online proofing gallery for you to place your order from the comfort of your own home.

  • Travel included for Goochland and Richmond, Virginia locations; outside of these areas, please inquire for travel quote.

  • Custom editing and light retouching. 

  • The option for a complimentary call to help plan your session.

RVA Professional Headshots includes:
  • 15 minute studio or outdoor session
  • 3 professionally edited high-resolution images
  • 1 outfit

    Option to purchase additional photos for $25 per image.
    *Non-refundable $50 deposit is due at time of booking to secure your session date. 
RVA Premium Headshots includes:
  • 35 minute studio or outdoor session
  • 7 professionally edited high-resolution images
  • Up to 2 outfits
Option to purchase additional photos for $25 per image.
*Non-refundable $50 deposit is due at time of booking to secure your session date. 
Executive Branding includes:
  • 60 minute studio or outdoor session
  • 15 professionally edited high-resolution images
  • Up to 3 outfits
Option to purchase additional photos for $25 per image.
*Non-refundable $50 deposit is due at time of booking to secure your session date


When you send me a message, tell me about you and what you're looking for in your next session. I will do my best to see how I can be of help. 



When we have found a date and time that works for your session and the $50 deposit has been paid, your session is booked.  I'll send you a custom questionnaire to get to know your vibe and session goals. From there, we will select a location that speaks to what you're looking for, as well as a location that photographs well. We'll work together to pick the best location for you.


On the day of our shoot we will meet at our chosen location and have a great time!  Many times after a session, clients comment about how easy and comfortable it was.  I do my best to prepare ahead of time so that you know what to expect and I have a plan for your session.  I will help you with prompts and ideas that will allow for the most authentic and beautiful moments.  I am there to take care of you!

professional headshot richmond va


Within 7 days of your final invoice payment, I will send you via email your downloadable digital proofing gallery for you to select your final images that you can share freely. You are welcome to order prints, canvases and albums through me, or you also have a print release to use whatever lab you choose. Of course, we can chat about which ones I recommend to ensure quality images!


Amanda was just a GEM! She was professional, innovative, and extremely kind. I reached out regarding a fun and professional headshot mini, and she was able to deliver!. Not only did she deliver, but she agreed to place me at priority as I needed them within 4 days. Thank you for everything, Amanda - I will surely use you again! #Lifestylephotographer

-A Stokes

Do I really need a professional headshot?

A professional headshot has the ability to communicate attributes about yourself image you want to show, such as your friendliness, approachability, creativity, thoughtfulness, or strength. Now more than ever, the digital image of yourself is so important. It may be the only impression your co-workers or potential clients may ever see of you. Your headshots can be used on your website, added to a LinkedIn profile or on promotional materials. The image you share tells others so much about who you are in just a matter of moments, so why not show others your best. 


How often should I have a professional headshot taken?

Actors and others in the performing arts should have updated headshots at least once per year.  Children and youth can have theirs updated even more frequently than that, since their appearance changes more quickly.


All others can update when appearances have changed or or a new look would fit a new professional position. 

Where are you located?

I am located in Goochland, Virginia. 

Why Amanda Miles Photography?

Amanda not only has the technical skills to create high-quality professional images, but she has an artistic eye, an understanding of light, helpful guidance for posing and an easy-going nature that will put you at ease. She loves her job, working with people and helping you look your best. If you’re looking for a professional, easy-to-work-with photographer in the Richmond, Virginia area, Amanda Miles Photography is the best photographer around.

What type of headshot do I need?

Types of Creative Headshots:

  • Actor Headshots. Typically creative headshots have the opportunity to show a range of moods and intensities depending on your personality or the parts you would like to try out for.   

  • Comedic Headshots. These give you an opportunity to really show off your personality. These images can be full of life and your unique and possibly quirky ways.  Lighting tends to be brighter and colorful. 

  • Commercial Headshots. These can have similar to the lighting of comedic headshots, but with more relaxed and friendly expressions.  

  • Author Headshots: Tell me about the type of book you are writing and we can design a headshot/portrait that works for telling the story of you as the author.


Types of Corporate Headshots: 

  • LinkedIn / Standard Headshots. This is the most common type of headshot with soft lighting is tthat can show your personality in a professional way.

  • Team Headshots. When offices and companies want to have similar headshots for their entire team to show their unity as a team.

  • Presenter / Speaker Headshots. Have you been invited to be a speaker at an upcoming event or other marketing material that you need to show off a bit more of your personality?  These headshots are a bit more personality-based based on what aspects of your personality you would like to show.  

Still not sure what you want?  Let's talk it over and figure it out together.

What will the session be like?  

It will be relaxed and fun.  If you have brought multiple clothing options, we can look over them and discuss what will look best for your session.  We will take several images to help you get used to the camera and for me to learn what lighting adjustments will work best for you specifically.  I will give you several suggested poses and prompts to create a variety of expressions and looks so that you have a good variety of options in your proofing gallery.  

What should I wear?

Love it - Pick something you feel comfortable and confident in.  If you like your outfit, it will definitely come across in the picture.  Keep it simple - Solid colors that complement your skin tone.  Stay away from wild and crazy colors.  Some colors to be careful with and perhaps even avoid include bright red, neon colors and patterns.  Also, don't pick a color that closely resembles your skin tone.  Deep, rich jewel tones tend to look great.  Clothing that fits well is key.   Make sure to bring several outfits, so we have some items to choose from.  Sometimes what looks great when you are out and about doesn't look great in front of a camera.  

The goal of your headshot is to look like yourself.  Have fun. Show that natural smile. Style your hair in a way that you normally would.  The day of your shoot isn't an ideal day to try out something brand new. 


What about makeup?  

You want to feel like your best self.  A natural look that helps the focus to be about you are ideal for headshots. 

I wear glasses. Should I wear glasses for my session?  

If your glasses are an important part of your appearance than yes, you should wear them.  Be sure to clean them ahead of time.

When should I shave?

If you want a clean shaven look, be sure to shave at least a few hours before your session.


When type of backgrounds do you have?

I currently have white, blue, light grey, dark grey pink, evergreen and black available.

How much "photoshopping" or editing will be done?

A minimal amount.  I adjust tone, color, contrast and occasional blemishes or obvious stray hairs.  It is important that you look authentically like who you truly are.  If additional editing is requested, an additional charge will be included.

What if I need to reschedule? 

I understand that things can happen, but please try to give me as much notice as possible.  We will work to find a time to reschedule.

How do I book my session?  

1) Select a time and date for your session.  2) Book and pay your non-refundable $50 deposit.  3) Complete the provided questionnaire.   4) Stay hydrated and get plenty of sleep.  Look forward to your session!   

When do I get my photos?

I will send you an invoice after the session for the remaining balance.  Once paid in full, I will email you within one week with a link to the online gallery where you can view and download your photos.  The photos you will receive are high resolution JPG for your full use.

Be sure to contact me with any questions!  I’m excited to work with you and create your headshots that help others get to know who you truly are!


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