What is a Lifestyle Newborn At-Home Session?

1. Simple - As wonderful as all of it is, having a newborn can be stressful!!! I want to make life as easy as I can for you and that is why this type of newborn session is my all time favorite way to capture a family.   You don't have to go anywhere.  Your baby doesn't have to do anything, but be themselves.


2. Convenient - It is comfortable, calm and it is an opportunity to capture this small window of time in your life as it is. I get to document the story of your family right in the comfort of your own home.


3. Tells YOUR Family Story- While the focus is on your newborn - their tiny toes, their yawn or the wrinkles around their wrists , I also love to capture all the other details of welcoming a new baby into your lives. The little details in the nursery, the way mama has a peaceful aura of boundless love when she looks at her baby, the way daddy holds her so tenderly, how big brother or sister is curious about this new person in their life - I love to document it all. It is an honor to create a testament to those sweet, sacred, loving moments when a new baby is welcomed into a family.

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