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Best Locations for Photo Sessions near Richmond, Virginia

Updated: Apr 12

Are you wondering where you should book your next photo session? Here is a list of my top locations in the Richmond area. There are so many fantastic options not listed here, but this is a great list to get started. Let me know what kind of session you have in mind and we can design your next photo shoot.

I've made booking simple. You can see the available dates and times online and book everything directly through my website at

1. Main Street Station

An urban location at a railroad station in downtown Richmond.

2. Maymont Park

A public park in Richmond with manicured gardens, mature trees, flowers and beautiful stonework.

3. Libby Hill Park

An urban setting with downtown views, cobblestone streets and residential streets in Church Hill neighborhood

4. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA)

City landscape and sculpture garden in Fan neighborhood

5. Reynolds Community College - Goochland Campus

Manicured gardens, unique foliage and fields

6. Private Farm near 288 & Huguenot Road

Fields and tree lined road

7. Tucker Park in Goochland

Park with mature trees along path by James River and fields

8. Downtown Murals

There are lots of options for murals in the Richmond area. Have a specific mural in mind or an idea, let me know and we can brainstorm together.

9. Crump Park

Wooden fences, woods, paths and an old farm house.

10. Pleasant Grove Park in Fluvanna

A great location to meet clients coming from Charlottesville. Open fields, old farm house, and wooden fences

10. Studio

There are lots of backdrop options in a studio setting. I currently have white, black, light gray, dark gray, evergreen, turquoise, and pink.

11. In Your Home

The comfort of your own home can make a great location for your photo session.

These are just a few of the many wonderful options to start brainstorming for your next photo shoot in the Richmond area. Ready to book your next photo session? Visit me at I would love to help!

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