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At-Home Lifestyle Session in Richmond, Virginia

Houses are not just walls and furniture. They are homes, filled with memories of times spent with your loved ones. Before this fun family moved out of the place that they had called their home for so many years, they wanted an at-home family photo session. When I got to the house, their daughter gave me a tour while I scouted out spots with the best light. Then we hung out in those areas of light and I let them all interact naturally, photographing what life looks like for them. They didn't dress up in fancy clothes or make the house look perfect, because they wanted to remember life just as it was with all the chaos, mess and beauty.

I love these at-home lifestyle family sessions! Here is why...

1) There are opportunities for real connection. Because I were at their home, everyone felt really comfortable in a familiar place. While I was photographing the kids playing in the backyard, I caught this adorable couple having a sweet moment of true connection.

2) They are relaxed and comfortable. There were a few posed moments, but for the most part I was just a fly on the wall photographing life as it unfolded...more documentary-style. As parents of young (and older) children know, getting them to do anything is unpredictable at best. These at-home lifestyle sessions are wonderful because there are no expectations about how everyone must behave. It is just a family relaxing and hanging out together.

3) The images are unique and personal to your family because it is YOUR space. I love that this family portrait is in a setting surrounded by the stories from their family history.

4) The magic of the everyday moment is revealed when a photographer comes in to tell YOUR story. We bring a fresh perspective to tell YOUR story.

5) In your own home, everyone is more likely to feel comfortable and that's where personalities can really come out.

6) The setting is perfect because this is where you live your life. This is the table, the fireplace, the stuffed animals, the rug that are all part of the make-up of YOUR lives.

For more information about session pricing, check out my website at . If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at or at 615.717.5203.

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