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Baked Goods and Billboards - Kids making a difference

Knowing how to raise my children the best way is a never ending question for me. Someone that has given me so much guidance and inspiration along the way is my friend, Beth. When she recently called to tell me that her children recently learned about the issue of child trafficking and they were eager to make a difference, I knew I should listen to her. Beth wanted to honor their passion and concern, so together they found an organization called Operation Underground Railroad ( and decided that the best way they could help was to raise money. Those amazing kids have been baking cinnamon rolls and other yummy items to sell at the Manakin Farmers Market (, already raising almost $1,000 to donate to Operation Underground Railroad. What a tangible opportunity for learning and helping!

Their next big project is host a private screening of the the documentary film, "Operation Toussaint" at Byrd Theater ( on August 3, 2019 at 1:30 pm.

I was honored to be a part of this project by creating photographs for their upcoming promotional materials. They needed images to remind us of the innocence of childhood that is so important to protect. Some of these photographs will be up on billboards around the Richmond area. Please check them out! If you want to get behind their passion project, but cannot get out to the movie or farmer's market you can donate directly at

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