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Ready for Conductor to Take You on a Musical Ride?

These guys were so much fun to photograph and I'm hoping you'll check them out.

Bass (Daryl McCuiston), Vocals/Guitar (Jason Roberts), Guitar (Jerrett Disbennett) and Drums (Steven Miles)

Do the bands Pelican, Mastodon, Baronesss or Quicksand make you happy when you listen to them?

Conductor RVA

Are you looking for some new music to give a listen? Go plug in your headphones, turn the volume up and give Icarus a listen ( They will take you on an instrumental ride through some melodic and intense sounds. If you like them, let them know ( Artists working hard at the craft need all the encouragement they can get.

Now that you are thoroughly impressed, come hear them play live on Sunday, July 7 at the Wonderland RVA ( ). Just don't flirt with the drummer. He's my husband.

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