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Let's Get Physical - 80s Fitness Shoot

When Sara proposed the idea of the 80s fitness shoot to me to celebrate their fitness goal successes, I was on board immediately. Knowing this couple, I knew that it would be amazing. Her husband, Chuck, needed a little more convincing, so she made an amazing plate of nachos before suggesting the idea to him. It must have been one delicious plate of nachos, because he even made an 80s cassette tape for the shoot that we were able to listen to during the session.

She was able to find all the items on Amazon and what they already had in their wardrobe. If you can't tell, they are fans of the 80s. We used inspiration from 80s fitness and bodybuilding photos and a session she found on ScaryMommy (, but in true Chuck and Sara form....they made it their own. If anyone else has an idea for a themed shoot they want to try, I would LOVE to hear about it.

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