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Personality Portraits - $250

Imagine a portrait that doesn't just freeze a smile, but reveals the vibrant soul beneath. That's the magic of personality portraits - capturing the essence of who someone truly is, their quirks, their passions, their playful spirit, all shining through in a single frame.
Whether it's the mischievous twinkle in a child's eye, the seasoned wisdom etched on an elder's face, or the quiet confidence radiating from a young adult, every personality deserves to be immortalized. These portraits are perfect for children ages 1 - 99.

$250 for 2 children, $25 per each additional child
Home Studio in Goochland, Virginia
30 minute session | 10-images

My approach to personality portraits are connection, not coercion. I believe in creating a relaxed and playful atmosphere where individuals can let their true selves shine through. No forced smiles. I want to capture the unexpected moments, the genuine laughter, the spontaneous expressions that reveal the most about a person.

Ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery through the lens? Let's create a personality portrait that reveals the magic within you or your loved ones. Contact me today and let's bring your stories to life! Book directly through my site or email me at I would love to help!



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