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"How to Determine the Best Time of Day for Your Photo Session"

For outdoor sessions and indoor sessions when I use natural light, the time of day that you schedule your photo session will have an impact on the look of your images. Any time of day can be beautiful, but depending on the position the sun is in the sky can make a difference it how your images will look.

Early morning is a great option for those that have little ones who will be too tired close to sunset, if you have too many obligations later in the day or if you just love the morning hours.

Mid-day is an ideal time for indoor sessions with the use of natural light. For lifestyle newborn sessions or family sessions in my client's homes are great for that mid-day light between 10 - 3 pm.

Late Afternoon can have beautiful light that has more intense shadow that allow us the opportunity for more creative play with light. It can have a bright and cheerful look (depending on the weather).

Golden hour, the last two hours before sunset, can be a lovely time of day for a photo session. When the sun is low in the sky the light becomes warmer and softer and the shadows become longer.

Anytime of Day works for sessions in the studio. With studio lighting, we can create the light and do not depend on the location of the sun. This can be a great option for rainy or cold days.

Whatever your photography needs, I will work to find the best light at whatever time of day you decide to book. Send me an email at if you would like to know what dates/times I currently have available for your next session.

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