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Reviving My Hope

The older I get the more disenchanted I become with ALL of politics. And then ….there are moments like the one I recently had with Crystal Neilson-Hall that revive my hope. I was invited to spend time photographing her and her family during a typical afternoon at their home. It was important to me that I accurately share the realities that are so evident when I spent time on her homestead. She is compassionate, hard-working, organized, committed, purposeful and she ADORES her family. She is currently running for Board of Supervisors in her district in Goochland County. Sometimes I wonder why people decide to do the hard-work of becoming a public servant and run for office, but when you meet Crystal it is so clear. She cares. She really, really cares about her community and her work ethic and conscience demands of her to do something to be the good she hopes to find in the world. I was amazed and inspired by her and more significantly you can see that her own family (the people closest to her) are amazed and inspired by her too. She is a farmer, a small-business owner, a mother and wife, a photographer, and a member of a community she loves and wants to help improve. I can't wait to see what she does next.

Follow her at to keep up with all she is doing.

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