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Senior Portrait Session at Libby Hill Park in Richmond, Virginia

A lot has changed about the 2020-2021 school year. Many of the traditions that make senior life so special won't look quite the same during the middle of a pandemic, but thankfully Senior portraits isn't one of them. Heading outdoors with plenty of social distance between us, we were able to create some beautiful portraits for this talented, smart and sweet senior.

Mallory wanted a location with a bit of city, a bit of water and a bit of history and Libby Hill Park sounded like an ideal spot. I hadn't photographed there before, but I love checking out new places so it was a real treat! She brought several outfit options that we looked at together and then I was able to make a mental map of where we we could go during the session with each of the clothing choices. I brought along my popup changing room that worked perfectly. We had a lot fun and laughter through the whole session.

I wish this amazing girl the best year ever, whatever that might look like I know she is going to make it a memorable one!

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