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Wellness Coach Branding Session / Richmond, Virginia / Lucas Wellness

Branding Sessions are such a rewarding process for me. They are an opportunity for me to work with my clients to create images that help tell their story and allow them opportunities to share in a more accurate and beautiful way about what that do. Now more than ever before, the first impressions of your brand are the images you share online.

I was fortunate enough to meet Kim a several months ago when I was photographing her daughter for her senior portrait session. She was in the process of starting her new business Lucas Wellness. Kim chose the word Lucas for it's meaning, Light-Giving, and that is exactly what Kim provides in everything that she does. It's been such personal honor and blessing to work with her. I've been fortunate enough to experience a variety of her services from her Fascial Release sessions to creating a family mission statement to Energy Balance sessions. Each time I have worked with her, I'm so impressed with her wisdom, kindness and skill. So when she hired me to help her create branding images, I was so thrilled.

Our goal was to create a collection of images that she could use on her website, Instagram and anywhere she wants to share more about what she does with potential clients. We met to discuss what types of images she would need and made a shot list that would be helpful to visually tell others more about what she does.

Kim brought to the studio a few pieces of equipment that she uses during her sessions. Since not everyone is familiar with all the services she can provide, a few friends and family came along to help model. It was so much fun working through the shot list and creating a great portfolio of images she can use. I can't wait to see what she does and I am confident she will bring so much light to each client she works with.

You can check Lucas Wellness and all the services she has to offer at

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