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What to expect during your family session.

Updated: May 3

When searching through a photographer's website to see what type of images they create, sometimes it can be hard to tell what a full gallery may look like based on a few featured photographs. I wanted to put together a list of photographs that I work to create during each family session. Because every family is unique and children can be unpredictable, I can't promise we will always get each and every one but even for sessions where things don't go exactly as planned there is a similar rhythm and flow to our sessions. Here we go!

  1. Posed images with everyone looking at the camera.

I know that everyone likes to have at least a few images with everyone looking at the camera so that you can have a more traditional image where you can see everyone's face. I also look to capture moments of emotion and movement where personalities are revealed. Sometimes younger children aren't interested in looking at the camera and that's okay. I want you to focus on enjoying the time together and appreciate these moments. When you look back at these portraits, they will tell your story at how your children were during a specific season in your lives.

2. Photos of parents with each child or all the children

The relationships between each parent and child is so special and this time in your lives as a family has it's own dynamic. You may not be able to pick your child up next year, they may not snuggle with you the same way or they may have a different look they give you. This is a moment to document your relationships as they are today.

3. Siblings all together

As a sister, a mother, and a wife to a husband with many sisters, I know just how special those relationships between siblings can be. There is no one in the world that knows you quite like your siblings.

4. Families together on the ground

When possible, I like to bring a blanket for everyone to pile on together and snuggle in close. The dynamics change and sometimes children relax a bit more when everyone is sitting and close. Depending on the mood of the family, we can even try for a few photos with everyone laying on the blanket snuggled together like you may do on a Sunday morning.

5. Individual portraits of your children

I want to have a moment for each child to get their own portraits, just them. Sometimes young ones can be shy and nervous to step away from their parents, so their portraits can still be done holding mama's hand or in daddy's arms. Those can be some of my very favorite portraits. They are framed by what matters most.

6. Candids and prompted candids

During each session, I like to take time for activities that get a family moving. For young ones, it may be games or for older children it might be as simply as walking together but that movement allows for candid expressions that show how you all interact as a family. And I'm always watching for those in-between moments too.

7. Closeness

I like to warn people that I am going to get you close for your pictures. We may do a pose and then I will smoosh you in together even closer. If you don't like to be near each other, my sessions might not be a fit for you. There will be arms wrapped around kids and lots of snuggling. This interaction and the ways that each family shows affection create such beautiful moments! I want families to look back at these images and be reminded of the overwhelming love that they feel. It may be a chaotic, messy, and overflowing love that is perfectly yours.

Interested in booking your own family session? I'd love to help.

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